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Specialist Neuro Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Art

About the Neurological Psychotherapy Service

Do you have a neurological condition or illness?
Have you suffered a head injury or brain injury?
Alternatively are you a carer looking after your loved one who has?
Have you found it difficult to find someone to talk about issues arising from you or your partners situation?

I provide a specialist neuro-psychotherapy service concentrating on the psychological effects to individuals following an acquired brain injury or neurological condition. And I also provide support for members of the family affected by their relatives injury and the changes in role that may accompany it.

The Psychological effects of suffering a brain injury is an area in which I have developed a particular interest based on my previous experience in that field.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can provide support at each stage of recovery and rehabilitation. It can offer emotional support and understanding of the difficulties of:

  • Cognitive impairment such as memory loss or difficulty processing information.

  • Attention, concentration and organizing abilities.

  • Emotional struggle following the loss of abilities for everyday activities, work and hobbies.

  • Behavioural changes such as lack of motivation and confidence.

  • Increased frustration, irritability and aggression.

  • Relationship difficulties with loved ones and interacting with strangers.

  • It can help people through depression, coming to terms with this traumatic life event and grieving the past.

  • With support and guidance people can be helped with the changes of present roles and relationships and re-appraise their situation and face the uncertainty of the future and to be supported to explore new possibilities and direction.

    Relatives and carers also need support in their difficult and demanding position and a space to explore their feelings around the changes in their loved one or the complicated feelings arising from stress in their role as carer.

    I liaise with various organisations who work with people with traumatic brain injuries and promote awareness around service provision.
    For useful links click here:
    United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum
    Sussex Acquired Brain Injury Forum
    Kent Acquired Brain Injury Forum
    Raphael Medical Centre

    I am registered and qualified to carry out Neuro-Psychology Standardized Cognitive Testing; Test for Everyday Attention, Doors to People Test for Memory and the BADS test.

    Fee based on assessment.

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    Therapeutic Arts

    Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up! Picasso

    Vital Art Sessions

    I offer colour painting therapy sessions for individual and group sessions:

    The session is a supportive and therapeutic space for a nurturing and relaxing art session.
    One technique I use is called wet-on-wet, which is water colour paint applied to damp paper for specific colour exercises.
    I also offer pastels, crayons, charcoal and painting for expressive artistic therapy, which enables the individual to express feelings and inner images on paper. Together we can discuss its meaning for you and your life.

    How it can help:

  • Colour is everywhere around us and within us and we need to absorb and experience colour for our health and wellbeing.
  • The use of specific colours applied in this way nourish us and allow us to experience and explore a colour mood with imagination.
  • Specific colours each have a particular effect on our inner emotional and physical self.
  • When we are depleted of energy and life forces (such as in depression, burn out, stress) using specific colour exercises can help to restore balance within us.
  • When using the colour in the painting exercises, our breathing can become relaxed and it promotes calmness.
  • By applying the colours slowly and gently the person experiences the depth of the colours.
  • It is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, which creates a meditative absorbing mood.
  • It does not require any previous artistic experience.

    Art Groups for Older People and People with Acquired Brain Injuries

    Whether living independently or in as a resident or patient in a care home or nursing home, older people or people with brain injuries can benefit greatly from having the chance to be creative.

  • Painting with colour gives vitality and nourishment and depicting elements of nature and the seasons connects people to the outside world, and to inner rhythms.
  • Encourages interest in surroundings of past and present.
  • Links people to their lifestory.
  • Encourages cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.
  • Helps coordination and visual capacities.
  • Helpful for people feeling down or depressed.
  • Encourages social interaction with others.
  • Helps give life meaning and purpose.

  • Vital Danza┬« (Vital Development┬« approach)
    I am a qualified facilitator and run workshops in this creative movement dance approach to wellbeing.
    Sussex Acquired Brain Injury Forum

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    Complimentary Colours Exercise

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    Nature Themes

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