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Lifespan Workshops offer a unique method for transformation by actively engaging the imagination, the body and creative forces, with reflective discussion. Through engaging our left and right brain hemispheres we create movement in our psyche for new awareness and for holistic, integrated change.

The creative self-development groups and workshops use myths for self discovery and are supported and deepened with movement and the use of creative arts methods. They also offer a supportive, enriching and creative day. These are suitable for the general public for personal development and self transformation or for therapists who wish to extend their learning for work with clients or experience rejuvenating continual professional development.

An integrative Body-Soul approach for self development and therapy, using myths as a catalyst for change, supported with art and movement.

2017 Programme
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Next Workshops for Autumn/Winter 2017

Saturday 2nd December 2017 11.00.00am-6.00pm
Forest Row, East Sussex

A unique workshop, the first in a series, inspired by the work of Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes. The first workshop will be a nurturing retreat day for women and we will work with the story,
The Skeleton Woman, using processes I gained from training directly with Dr Estes.
An opportunity to connect to the bones of your life and flesh them out again into life!
Listen in to your heart and what yearns to be expressed.
Deep exploration with sharing, art and movement exercises.
Lunch included. Limited Places.
60 early bird price till November 25th, then 75. Advance booking only.

2018 Dates coming soon.

Call 07796 331618

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Saturday 23rd September 2017 14.00pm-17.00pm
VitalDanza Harvestime Celebration
A special festive afternoon workshop to celebrate the abundance of harvestime, dancing with the transformational movement practice of VitalDanza.
Through interactive movement exercises to music, we will increase our vital and joyful energy, relax body tension and come into the present moment being with others in an authentic way, opening our hearts. Together we will honour and give thanks in our dances to the the golden sun and ripe harvest. The dance session will be followed by sharing and enjoying a harvest tea together.
Feel uplifted, energised, relaxed and full of warmth and love to carry you into the autumn season!

Advance booking 15, on the door 20. refreshments and cake are included. No experience is necessary.
Tickets via eventbrite:

June 10th 2017 Persephone's Awakening - Journey of Transformation
Persephone's Awakening - A Transformational Journey

We will explore the characters in the Greek Myth of Persephone and her journey to the Underworld realm of Hades. We will consider the character of her mother Demeter and her loss, we shall meet Baubo and Hecate. Through working imaginatively with the characters we will discover its links for our own life. We will explore nature’s journey through the year and discover the atmospheres and soul moods of this archetypal drama.
This is an opportunity to experience a profound and transformative journey in a safe space supported by the group. The images and themes will arise from our embodied imagination through the method of VitalDanza and be brought to life through artistic expressions and sharing what touches each of us.
It will also increase understanding of therapists work with their clients lives. A certificate of attendance will be given on completion.

April 29th 2017 Saturday 11-4pm
The Goddess Within

Learn about archetypes and enjoy experiencing the different goddess energies through movement, art and other juicy activities!
Enjoy a creative, nurturing day, where you will learn how female goddess archetypes can support us to appreciate ourselves, our relationships and can help guide us with life choices.

Using six principle goddesses of Greek mythology, each of whom embody particular qualities, we will experience the reality of these characters in our personality. We will naturally be drawn to some rather than others and yet we may need a particular goddess quality to create balance in our life or to make changes.

We will benefit from the wisdom that each goddess offers us. We will gain clarity about choices and decisions for current dilemmas, for work, relationships and personal life and for our health and vitality.

This is an experiential workshop and will be supported and nurtured by a movement to music method called Vital Danza and expressive art, meditation and discussion together. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Hear more about the goddess archetypes from Deepak Chopra.


The Myth of Persephone - Journey of Awakening
Exploring the greek myth of Persephone and its healing possibilities for women. Personal journey workshop with art, dance movement and sharing in a nurturing group.

Journey into the Labyrinth
Be the hero or heroine of your life! What are the changes you wish to make in your life? Inspired by classical myths, we will go on a creative, inner journey of transformation, to bring forth new possibilities for our life. Workshop using the power of myth with art and movement.
Transformational workshop inspired by myth and deepened through movement to music and arts. An enriching day to be creative and experience the power of myth as a catalyst for change, with expressive art and movement to music. Find your inner treasures and new possibilities for our life. Shake off old patterns that prevent you being fully vibrant in your life!

Many of the challenges we face in life are illustrated in the archetypal myths found in many cultures, such as Ulysses, Theseus and the Minataur, Vasilisa and Persephone's journey to Hades. The journey that the hero or heroine goes on in the myth can be understood to describe the journey of facing our fears and overcoming them and awakening with renewed wisdom and self knowledge.

The Goddess Within
Celebrate the female archetypal energies and qualities to support understanding of yourself and the women in your life.

Inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Marion Woodman, Vital Development movement practice and other writers on myths and psychotherapy.

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Some Previous Workshops
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